Key Details

  • Work Done: Char. Modeling, Char. Rig & AnimTools 

  • Software: Maya, uvLayout & Python

  • Char. Designer: Sergio Pablos

  • Production: Shortfilm development

  • Director: Sergio Pablos

  • Company: The SPA Studios

  • Year: 2012

  • Music: LiL TExAS – I Need U (Djemba Djemba Retwerk)

At 2012 I worked on a shortfilm development for The SPA Studios as a 3D character modeler and character rigger. During this time, I had the opportunity to work on this Troglodita RIG, developing a full character autorig written with python. This development included the body & facial rig, and also some of the animations tools to control the character, such as the differents levels of geometry and controls visibility, to let the animator to focus on an specific area of the character, and some other rig functionalities such mirrors, flips…

Professional Work: 3D Character Modeling, UV’s, Body Rig, facial Rig & Animation Tools, for a short film development at The SPA Studios, 2012.

All the work was done using Maya and Python. The facial rig is a joint based rig and PSD shapes, drived by deformers and sliding controls over a coordinate system surface. The rig provides different layers of controls on specific areas to allow an extra level of deformation control.

Here you can see a few examples of all the work done on the character. I hope you like it!