Key Details

  • Work Done: Char. Modeling, UV’s & FacialShapes

  • Software: Softimage XSI & uvLayout

  • Char. Designer: Oscar Jimenez Vargas, OSOKARO

  • Production: Justin and the Knights of Valour

  • Director: Manuel Sicilia

  • Project Site: Oficial Site

  • Company: Kandor Graphics

  • Year: 2013

During the two years (2009-2010) I was working on ‘Justin and the Knights of Valour’, for a Kandor Graphics‘ film directed by Manuel Sicilia, I had the opportunity to model some great character designs from the art department. My work with SirClorex consisted on character modeling, facial shapes modeling and UV´s. All the work was done using Softimage and uvLayout.

Professional Work: Character modeling, UV’s & FacialShapes modeling, for the movie ‘Justin and the Knights of Valour’ at Kandor Graphics, 2013.

The overall time spend on the character was ten days to model the character and the UV´s, clothing and accessories included, and other eight days for the facial shapes. Due the fact that jaw movement and head deformation were not done by deformers at the rigging department, gave me the opportunity to have more control and freedom over the facial deformation, allowing me to model, not only the main the main facial shapes, but also the full range of all the additional corrective shapes for a better performance during the overlapping of different shapes due the facial expressions.
Here you can see a few examples of all the work done on the character. I hope you like it!