I’m glad to write this post about my recent Interview with Rigging Dojo, to talk about my professional career and my experiences creating 3D characters for animation, because they’ve always been a reference to me. I hope this interview could interest you. Regards!

Let’s get started with a bit of background about you. What led you to computer graphics and rigging as your specialty?

I guess it all started around 1997-1998 when I was 16 years old and I got interested in computer graphics and 3D. I remember I saw a commercial on TV for a collectible magazine to learn how to start doing VFX like they do in Hollywood. So I started this collection and this was both my starting point in the field and how I got started self-teaching. This collection was oriented to 3D Studio DOS and it was everything I had to involve myself in the 3D field for the web in those early days.

In 2000 I already had some experience with 3D Max when I started college. I studied Digital Design & Graphic Design, but during those years at college I didn’t specialized in CG, it was more of a generalist education in the design field (graphic design, web design, introduction to web scripting, art theory, photography), instead of the kind of studies where you finish with a very specialized demo reel to start looking for a job in your particular mastery, such as modeling, look, rigging, etc. During those years at college, I took all the classes offered that were related to the animation industry, and the introduction to Maya class was one of them.

During my last years at college, I started working as a web designer. Those were probably my first steps into scripting.

In 2006 I got my first job related to the 3D animation field. It was a very small company in my hometown, Barcelona, where I got the opportunity to work as a 3D generalist for an animated TV series development, and also for the toon version of the FC Barcelona players. I did everything from modeling to rigging to texture, lighting, and the final comp. As I mentioned, it was a very small company! At that time, I was the only one at the studio with rigging skills, so I modeled and rigged all the characters for the TV series development. That was my first time writing code for rigging… Continue reading the full interview at Rigging Dojo

Estoy encantado de escribir este post en referencia a mi entrevista en Rigging Dojo, para hablar de mi carrera profesional y mis experiencias en la creación de personajes 3D para animación, ya que ellos siempre han sido un referente para mi. Espero que esta entrevista sea de vuestro interés. ¡Saludos!

Link: Rigging Dojo interview to Sergi Caballer

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