3D Facial modeling and topology is something that has always caught my attention. I like to focus on the artistic point of view, including the interpretation of shapes and volumes, but also work hard to describe a concrete volume with the kind of topology that will make it possible to maximize the deformation and flexibility that the animators may desire. Is for all these reasons I decided to create this 3D Facial Modeling Timelapse. Continue reading

I’m a big fan of all kind of art related to maquettes or sculptures about animation productions, so I’ve started to collect any image I find related to this subject on my Stylized Maquettes pinboard at Pinterest, and I would like to share it with all my readers. I hope you like it!. Continue reading

Some time ago I discovered one of the best sites to learn about body’s anatomy, volumes & shapes. At Anatomy 4 Sculptors you’re going to find a tons of pictures and amazing block-outs to understand how the human figure is build.  If you are a modeler, designer or just an art enthusiast, don’t waste it!. Continue reading