People often contact me regarding to educational purposes or interested on specific topics related to 3D Character Modeling. For all of this, I’m happy to announce my recent collaboration with the CGMA – CG Master Academy as an instructor for their 3D Character Arts Program. I feel very proud to be part of their amazing and talented instructors board. So you know, if you are interested about the creation of 3D characters, from modeling to texturing, you should take a look to the program! Continue reading

3D Facial modeling and topology is something that has always caught my attention. I like to focus on the artistic point of view, including the interpretation of shapes and volumes, but also work hard to describe a concrete volume with the kind of topology that will make it possible to maximize the deformation and flexibility that the animators may desire. Is for all these reasons I decided to create this 3D Facial Modeling Timelapse. Continue reading